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Case Spray Foam offers top-quality services for residential, commercial or agricultural properties for both existing structures and new construction. Our diagnostic testing can help us identify air leaks in your home, and pinpoint areas where air is coming in or escaping. We can help you combine superior insulation with proper ventilation and achieve optimal comfort and energy efficiency for your space.  We have the skill and expertise to get the job done promptly and seamlessly.



Commercial Spaces

New or old, Case Spray Foam can help make your commercial space more energy efficient. By eliminating entry points for dust allergens and pests, spray foam will keep your commercial settings clean and comfortable while saving you money on utilities and maintenance costs.

Residential Spaces

Is your home the only house on the street that never has a snow-covered roof? Did you know that a sign of heat loss from your attic space? Are the floors above your crawl space always cold? Adding spray foam insulation and proper ventilation can help. Your home doesn't need to be new construction to benefit from spray foam application. Case Spray foam can remove your old insulation and apply new spray foam insulation to your attic, basement, crawl space, or even your walls during renovations.

barn foam

Metal Buildings

Have a metal building you'd like to make a conditioned space? Giant warehouse or small garden shed, adding spray foam insulation will create better temperature regulation and eliminate condensation issues. It is important to note, that in some applications, if the foam will be left exposed like this photo, certain building codes may require it to be painted after application.

Agricultural Applications

New York has an extensive agricultural industry, and spray foam insulation has several helpful applications. Spray Foam can be used to insulate liquid storage tanks or help regulate temperatures in livestock barns. Let Case Spray Foam keep your livestock comfortable and productive.


Air Sealing

Want to get the most out of your Spray Foam experience or just improve your home's efficiency without reinsulating the whole place? Ask us about air sealing areas that are common points to allow heat loss.

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